After a high-flyin’ career in the corporate arena and a series of setbacks that played like a bad country song (the husband left, the market crashed, the dog died), Heidi chucked her Manolos in the backseat, hooked up her Airstream mobile mansion on wheels and, relying on her creative passion and Montana roots, did the only thing that made sense at the time: hit the road.

Wearin‘ holes in the soles of her favorite boots, she traveled cross country selling her custom jewelry creations made from salvaged treasures found in Montana cow-towns, Paris flea markets, and many places in between. Along the way she found the genteel gypsy life suited her temperament, but didn’t do much for her cultivated runway-lovin’ renegade style. So she put her two favorites together—Paris and Montana—to create a unique collection of “glam-on-the-go” style clothing, accessories and home goods.

On the road, she has danced under the stars with the famed Texas Junk Gypsies, draped jewels on the likes of Miranda Lambert and the gorgeous SureShot Trick Riders from Canada, and has been featured on television and in magazines – including Cowboys & Indians and Mary Emmerling’s book Art of the Heart.