Wanderlust avec Paris Montana

A HUGE Announcement

We’re excited to share with you our most grand adventure yet: Paris Montana SHOP & STAY, all in one place - ParisMontana.co Now whether we are on the road with the Blacktop Boudoir Airstream, scouting the fleas in Paris, or running the store in Red Lodge, YOU can shop our latest custom jewels, glam-on-the-go style clothing & accessories, or … Continue reading

Life in the Perfect Light

You know how 92.7% of the time when you see a pic of yourself you wish something was different (hair, weight, smile, angle, your whole life, LOL!)? When I saw this pic of myself that Gypsy Sister Tricia, Vintage Bliss took, my first thought was: “That’s ME. In my element. In front of my gypsy Airstream. Wearing ripped … Continue reading

Tales from the Road: Pearls & Duct Tape

Bonjour Y’all! Paris Montana is on the road and having a fabulous time! I had to share a story with you about Pearls and Duct tape, our motto has never been truer! While getting gas at the Flying J Cafe (aka Truck stop) a sweet lady came over to me and told me a story about an Airstream … Continue reading

Here’s to Our Mamas!

Friends and fellow gypsies often ask, “how do you travel with your Mother?!?” Then they meet my Mama Luv, who often hits the road with me. Mama luv is full of fun and life and is always up for a good adventure (as long as she has her own feather pillow and a strong cup of joe the … Continue reading

OH! The Places You’ll Go

I have been a follower of the Junk Gypsies of Texas for many years. They represent a kind of simplicity and soul food that draws me back to places like Roundtop, Texas and Livingston, Montana, year after year in the Blacktop Boudoir to set up in a field of wildflowers windblown and sun kissed and happy as a … Continue reading

Pixie Glitter & Roadkill Raccoons

“How much fun can we have before we go to Prison?” was definitely the theme of our trip to Roundtop/Warrenton Antique Week during fall show this last week. So how much fun was it to find this great plaque from Angels, Saints & Sinners?!?! First, my partner in crime (Tricia, Vintage Bliss) and I had the clever idea … Continue reading


“I feel wide awake.” I love that line from Gina Davis in the cult classic Thelma and Louise when they are on the run and up close and personal with all the choices that led them to that very moment when they are speeding across the desert in that magnificent ’66 T-Bird… Maybe you are at a crossroads … Continue reading

Miranda Lambert, Junk Gypsies & Texas Caviar!

Ever had one of those magical trips where the moon and the stars aligned…and not only did everything exceed your expectations to the point where you are almost giddy anyway…but then oh, say, country singer MIRANDA LAMBERT stops by and falls in love with one of your necklaces?!? And the amazingly talented and bona fide JUNK GYPSIES are … Continue reading

The Alchemy of Glamour & Grit

After customers ask, “Where is Paris Montana?” they often ask, “What is Paris Montana style?” It’s not trendy and it’s not exactly boho chic…or straight up couture…It’s more…. “Glamour and Grit?” “Yes! That’s it!” They gleefully reply while layering Coco Chanel style pearls with tarnished vintage metal crosses and fringe leather earrings. Or while discovering the sheer fabulousness … Continue reading

Duck Tape & Gorilla Glue

Somehow I ended up in this do-it-yourself world without the crafty gene. Creative? yes. Sewing, measuring, sawing? no. BUT I don’t let it stop me. My secret weapons of choice? Duck Tape and Gorilla Glue. Works on 92.7% of whatever I need done… (Like glueing my beloved Paris Montana skull back together AGAIN after a particularly nasty crash and burn.) … Continue reading


Sometimes I can’t believe that my office is a wide open prairie of cool grass and wild flowers growing every which way and blue sky stretching out as far as I can see. Ok, and sometimes it’s a parking space sandwiched between the kettle corn guy and the crazy fun sunglasses, but still… This gypsy life overwhelms me … Continue reading