OH! The Places You’ll Go


I have been a follower of the Junk Gypsies of Texas for many years. They represent a kind of simplicity and soul food that draws me back to places like Roundtop, Texas and Livingston, Montana, year after year in the Blacktop Boudoir to set up in a field of wildflowers windblown and sun kissed and happy as a pig in dirt.

But just when I’m ready to pack up my favorite vintage boots and head down some dusty road pulling the Blacktop Boudoir and never turn back…something glittery catches my eye from the Chanel Paris Runway show or Mama Love mails me WWD with Donna Karan’s new metallic tattered silk line and I die a thousand deaths. Or I catch up on the latest fabulous Frenchiness of Claudia and her Paris Apartment adventures.

This kind of duplicity will make a girl crazy… or set you free…if you are willing to stop looking outside yourself for that “right answer” or jonesing for something that’s not really fully you and let yourself be the Renaissance Woman that you REALLY are; a woman with many layers and loves and, most important, a LUST for YOUR life!

Even if it’s not neat and tidy. Even if it means that part of the year you are On the Road in an Airstream Trailer in your vintage chaps and the rest of time you are In the City in Scottsdale, AZ working on Indie pieces that are Runway daring and wearable chic.

As coaching guru Thomas Leonard said “Create and Environment and Let It Evolve You.” Or, more simply, say “YES” to those things that delight and inspire and, as the incomparable Dr. Seuss said, “Oh The Places You’ll GO!”

See you Down the Road and In the City!

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