Yearly Archives: 2011

Tales from the Road: Pearls & Duct Tape

Bonjour Y’all! Paris Montana is on the road and having a fabulous time! I had to share a story with you about Pearls and Duct tape, our motto has never been truer! While getting gas at the Flying J Cafe (aka Truck stop) a sweet lady came over to me and told me a story about an Airstream … Continue reading

Here’s to Our Mamas!

Friends and fellow gypsies often ask, “how do you travel with your Mother?!?” Then they meet my Mama Luv, who often hits the road with me. Mama luv is full of fun and life and is always up for a good adventure (as long as she has her own feather pillow and a strong cup of joe the … Continue reading

OH! The Places You’ll Go

I have been a follower of the Junk Gypsies of Texas for many years. They represent a kind of simplicity and soul food that draws me back to places like Roundtop, Texas and Livingston, Montana, year after year in the Blacktop Boudoir to set up in a field of wildflowers windblown and sun kissed and happy as a … Continue reading

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