Here’s to Our Mamas!


Friends and fellow gypsies often ask, “how do you travel with your Mother?!?” Then they meet my Mama Luv, who often hits the road with me.

Mama luv is full of fun and life and is always up for a good adventure (as long as she has her own feather pillow and a strong cup of joe the second she wakes.)

I come from a long line of strong, independent women with a sense of style and adventure and chutzpah that defied convention. My mom’s mother never left her bedroom in the morning without pink lipstick and rings on every finger. She raised three sons and one adopted daughter while working full time and then traveled the world and walked the Great Wall of China in her 70s.

Grandma Lucy (and Grandpa Ben) on my dad’s side took a single engine pontoon plane to a small island in Alaska so they could be there in time to celebrate my fifth birthday party. One of my last memories of my beloved Granny is of her sitting bundled in my convertible with a gleam in her eye after we snuck out of the nursing home so we could go for an ice cream cone.

I count myself lucky to have inherited their unbridled spirit. And while it’s gotten me in trouble a time or two, it’s often what grounds me and carries me through.

Here’s to all our Mamas, and their Mamas!

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