Tales from the Road: Pearls & Duct Tape

Bonjour Y’all! Paris Montana is on the road and having a fabulous time! I had to share a story with you about Pearls and Duct tape, our motto has never been truer!


While getting gas at the Flying J Cafe (aka Truck stop) a sweet lady came over to me and told me a story about an Airstream that she owned at one time. She was pulling it a few years back and the trailer slipped off the ball on her truck, she didn’t have any way or where to have it fixed properly so all she had was some duct tape. Well, you may be guessing where this story is going… you know us gypsy gals we are a resourceful bunch! This gal used the duct tape to attach and secure the trailer back to the truck! Can you imagine seeing a trailer duct taped to a vehicle?!! Love it , love this story! It would have been an amazing story if she has wrapped some pearls around the duct tape, but now we know what to do if our trailer hitch breaks!
More tales from the road coming!

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